Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book Review: The Beatles: Box Of Vision

Like the remastered Beatles mono box set, the companion Box Of Vision book box sold out immediately upon release. None of the sets even made it out of the US into the world market. The printers have been working overtime however, and The Beatles - Box Of Vision is finally available in the UK and Europe.

The set is a worthy companion piece to the CD boxes. Book one - The LP Sized Album Artwork Book is just that. 200 pages of both the US and UK artwork for every album, including back covers, gatefolds, inserts, and booklets.

This is the first time all the US and UK artwork has been collected in one book. The book itself is the size of an LP, so that each cover is reproduced exactly as they originally appeared.

Book two - The Catalography is an exhaustive discography of every US and UK Beatles release, with tons of photos.

Book three - Box Of Vision Storage Book holds all of the re-mastered CDs in one convenient, lavish book, which has separate spots for the discs themselves.

This three book set is the ultimate companion to the re-mastered CDs. You can check it out or get ordering information at

For fans looking to upgrade their Beatles collections, these books are something of a must. They provide the fan with an attractive venue to display their CDs and a comprehensive discography. They also give us back something we have sacrificed to the digital age, the dimensions of the original artwork, in all of it's splendor. Dating back to Meet The Beatles, the graphics of their LPs was a huge part of the appeal. Box Of Vision brings it all back home, and is the perfect addition to a Remasters upgrade.

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